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What They Said

Our boys just finished the first week of Light summer camp.  They had an excellent time.  Our older son (11) really liked the fact that the boys got to choose from among interactive small-side drills and scrimmage to set their own schedule that balances fun and development.  Overall, it seemed the older age group was made up of boys who all play for various club.

Our younger son (8) said he liked the goalie wars and scrimmages the best.  At his age they spent more time on individual "training drills" but he was excited to attend every day.  I have to say, given the diversity of skill levels- from beginning to club level- for his group I was uncertain whether he would get bored.  Fortunately he wants to go back to the next camp!

Great job Coach David and Coach Fernando.


"My 8 year boy attended a Spring Camp and he loved it. We already booked for Summer Camp! Three hours per day filled with technical lessons and games. Coach David and Coach Fernando are very experienced coaches. My son improved a lot in a week. I think both casual players and serious players will be happy with this program. We are very happy to find this camp!"


“Hello everyone! My brother and I have attended several of coach Fernando's soccer camps growing up, usually in the summer time, in the Palo Alto area. Every summer we looked forward to the experience as coach Fernando designed camp in such a way that all of us dreaded when camp ended. We couldn't get enough of his drills or team play, as he made sure each day was packed with fun, competition, and learning.


Every week we felt like we were getting better. If it wasn't our technical skills, it was our soccer IQ knowing tactically where to be, and when to be there- we felt a step ahead of the other kids. This paid off when we got back to our club teams each fall. We were kept fit, but in ways involving the ball, tactics, competition in such a way we didn't mind the sweat. The worst experiences I have had before was when a coach made us just run liners, or sprints, or laps for fitness- this would always make me feel like I was wasting my time as it was things I could do on my own. With coach Fernando, he made it such that we had to work very hard and get our fitness in, while also playing together learning how to get the best out of each other and play as a team- these were real game like situations involving the ball and strategy making fitness fun! I wish there were more coaches in the area that shared these philosophies coach Fernando had so other kids could experience what we could. Looking forward to this summers camp!” - Dean


“My son is currently training with Coach David and I highly recommend the camps. The training is a balance of skills building, organized activities to apply the skills, working together as a team, and understanding sportsmanship. As a parent, I appreciate the thought put in by creating a high energy, action packed, dynamic environment for kids to train, have fun, form friendships, and most importantly, learn to love the sport.”   

Quynh G.

“Coach David is amazing, both my 8 year old and 12 year old boys have done multiple camps with him and we really liked his balance between keeping things fun, teaching skills and instilling a passion for soccer.”     


“Highly recommended! My boys have been practicing with David Light for years and he is absolutely their favorite. The trainings are fun, personable and so helpful with their soccer skills development. Moreover, David has managed to really create a bonding family atmosphere out of their team which we love and appreciate a ton. All the kids just love him.” 

Alex L.

“Coach Fernando is a fantastic coach! My 13 yr old daughter really enjoyed her session with him. He is super knowledgeable, kind, enthusiastic, patient, and a fun coach! 

He assessed her skill level and identified areas for improvement. After only 1 session I saw an immediate Improvement in my daughters skills and HUGE improvement in her confidence with the game. I highly recommend him to any players!!!! Looking forward to our next session! Thanks Coach Fernando!!” 


"Coach Fernando has trained my son age 11 for the past two years as part of Palo Alto Soccer Club. Since day one there was an instant connection between player and coach largely attributed to gaining trust. Overtime, my kids confidence has evolved to become more passionate with the game. As a parent, the most important aspect of sport is building character. The right combination of hard work, and coaching has produced a championship team under Coach Fernando. The sky is the limit for my kid when high quality coaches like Fernando genuinely care about shaping players’ confidence on the field." 


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